I have used the OBS software for Facebook LIVE I was telling you about a few times now but I keep forgetting one minor thing…

The 10 second delay in streaming!

So I sit there like a lemon thinking, has it started? Whilst frantically checking my page to make sure it has worked.

The result is me looking bored waiting at the begining of the video!

Not the best look but the results from doing Facebook LIVE videos have so far been AMAZING with increased page engagement, new followers and subscribers to my email simply for sharing some information.

Yesterday I explained what the FLOWER reaction was you might of seen all over Facebook at the weekend and WHY you CAN’T use it.



You can see from the screen grab it includes my usual high end photoshop skills.

I am going to try my next Facebook LIVE standing up as I think it will give some more energy to the video and of course remembering that the software has a 10 second delay so I don’t go into panic mode.

Anyway, enough about my Facebook LIVE video about flower power.

How has your week been?

Today I went into town for a spruce up, had my beard and hair tended too because tomorrow is a BIG DAY!…

You can watch more of my LIVE videos on my Facebook page HERE


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