I had a big clear in my office a couple of weeks ago.

During my clear out I came across a book that was given to me around 10 years ago. It was called Positively Happy: Cosmic Ways To Change Your Life by TV legend Noel Edmunds.

It is a bit out there but to cut a long story short he believes in cosmic ordering, which was quite a craze at the time. Do you remember it?

A kind of Athesist approach to ‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you’.

Now, I can’t say I have been placing cosmic orders left, right and centre but I do believe there is something in telling people what you want or are looking for.

It gave me a idea and last week I placed this wishlist on Facebook and told people the niches I would like to work with.



Lots of positives came from telling people who I was looking to work with:


  • My friends and clients shared it for me without asking them.
  • People have tagged me in conversations because they knew I was looking to work with certain people.
  • It got lots of engagement, comments and likes.
  • People suggested niches I hadn’t thought of putting down like hire companies, pubs, etc.
  • It created some conversations that I hope will start relationships that I will build on.
  • But more importantly it created actual APPLICATIONS to work with me.


All from telling the world what I wanted!

When was last time you told people what you were looking for? Let me know, may be I could help?

If your on the list above, hit the link below and lets hook up for a nice breakfast to get the conversation started.

If your not on the list, is it something I should add?

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