How To Place Facebook Ads Infront Of Your Email List

If you have read my previous blog post about how to boost your Facebook posts without burning cash or know anything about me your know I am a big fan of Facebook Ads and there are some seriously cool tools that business owners are simply not taking advantage of. This blog post is all about…

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How To Boost Posts On Facebook

How to boost posts on Facebook

One of the biggest questions I am asked by business owners is ‘How To Boost Posts on Facebook‘ without wasting loads of money. Sadly it also seems to be one of the biggest frustrations and they have spent a small fortune in the process by simply not knowing what to do. In this blog post…

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How I Bought A Bed At 1AM!

If you have ever met me before, follow my daily email or follow me on social media your know I really value a good nights sleep. I often joke in my next life I would like to be a Lion as they sleep for an average 15-20 hours a day! I have read many books…

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47 Marketing Ideas You Might Not Be Using

47 marketing ideas you might not be using

One of the most common problems I hear from business owners is not having enough marketing ideas. After a lethal combination of too many espresso’s and some banging dance tunes I wrote these marketing ideas in no particular order. They are a mixture of old school and new age digital marketing ideas that came to…

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How To Get More Facebook Likes For Your Business Page

how to get more facebook likes

You have probably seen ads promising to show you how to get more Facebook likes for your business page has for just a few dollars? HINT – Don’t do this. You can get your Facebook page deleted and they only add fake accounts or people living in obscure places! However, you could be sitting on…

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