Facebook LIVE broadcasting is probably the most under used tool currently available to business owners!

In this blog post I will show you how to go LIVE on your business page with my AMAZING photoshop skills highlighting things you need to know with my dodgy red circles!

Some of my clients are getting huge engagement, tons of new followers and even better loads of leads just because their taking the step to use it. The biggest thing that seems to be holding people back is not technology but FEAR.

I am going to take you through how easy it is to use and my 7 biggest takings so far from using Facebook LIVE with my clients.

It isn’t just me thats banging on about Facebook LIVE.

My friend Yvonne Radley from Big Me Up Media who has just come back from the Social Media Marketing World Conference in San Diego says this about Facebook LIVE:

Live Video is SO hot – it’s the only way you can bust through Facebook’s algorithm and get your posts seen nowadays. There were 10 lectures on this subject alone this year. Are you doing them yet? Test it out in your groups if you are too scared to go public straight away.

Facebook LIVE broadcasting is evolving FAST and is Facebook’s biggest baby. You can now broadcast LIVE from your desktop or laptop computer and your soon be able to share your screen with your viewers.

I expect it to evolve even further and I wouldn’t be surprised if it can understand what you are saying and put the text automatically on your video so those watching without sound can understand what you are saying!

Facebook loves LIVE video so much it is currently the cheapest way to advertise on Facebook and you need to know how to take advantage of this…


How To Facebook LIVE on your mobile…

You can Facebook LIVE from your mobile or tablet using your pages app. In the example below I am using the pages app for my business page.  Your see a camera icon with LIVE written underneath it (highlighted by experting drawn red circle!). Press this icon and your be taken to the next stage before you go LIVE!



Before You Go LIVE…

This is a preview of what your viewers will see before your broadcast goes LIVE. There is a couple of things to consider before pressing the blue Go Live button in the bottom right.

DESCRIBE YOUR LIVE VIDEO – This is your opportunity to tell people what your video is about and give them a reason why they should watch.

MAGIC WAND – I am not sure if it is a magic wand but thats what the icon looks like to me! This is where you can change the filters and settings of your video. I will go through the different options next.

SWITCH VIEWS – This allows you to either use the camera facing you or on the back of your phone. This icon will stay there throughout your LIVE broadcast and you can switch views at anytime.

Once you are happy with your settings and written your description press the blue Go LIVE button on the bottom right and a 3, 2, 1 countdown will flash up on your screen and your LIVE!


Option 1 – Filters

This setting allows you change the filter on your LIVE broadcast. Being a naturally good looking chap (humour me) I opted for ‘No Filter’ but options include Pop, Classical, Country, Funk or Acid! Your find this setting on the filter icon (circled red in the photo).

Probably best used in a social setting rather than a business broadcast but depends on your business.


Option 2 – Writing On Screen

This setting allows you to write across your screen. I found this quite hard with my fat fingers but options include 9 different colours with dark grey, red, white, orange, brown, yellow, purple, green, pink, teal and aqua blue. Your find this setting on the pencil icon (circled red in the photo).

This might be useful to catch peoples eye about what the Facebook LIVE broadcast is about. Just don’t cover your face!


Option 3 – Camera Filters

This setting allows you to change your appearance. In one of my Facebook LIVE broadcasts it got a huge engagement because viewers were asking if I knew I was ‘breathing fire!’ Currently 17 different options and some might be relevant to your business. Your find this setting on the 2 faces icon (circled red in the photo).

Again probably more useful to the social setting but I am going to trial using them to see if it catches peoples eye and increases engagement.


Option 4 – Settings

This setting allows you to change the basic settings of your broadcast. Options include fliping your camera horizontal, vertical or adjusting the brightness. Your find this setting on the spanner and screwdriver icon (circled red in the photo).

This might be useful to change the brightness of your video or flip your video horizontally to get your better side! I toyed with the idea of flipping a LIVE broadcast vertically but I thought it might annoy those watching on smart phones as they will be constantly turning there phones to try to get it the right way up.


How To Facebook LIVE From Your Desktop Or Laptop Computer! (NEW)

The Facebook gods now allow you to Facebook LIVE straight from your desktop or laptop computer. This only seems to be availble if your using Google Chrome at the moment and is quite limited. You don’t currently get all the options you get above with mobile but I expect that to change over time and I think your be able to do cool stuff like sharing your screen.

You can currently do this with some software but it is quite technical and can vary from $50-$500 depending on which software you choose.

Simply go to your Facebook page on your computer and where you write a status or post you will see the following options.

Press the ‘START A LIVE VIDEO’ button and you ready to go. As explained above, very few options other than to just start recording.

7 Steps To Converting Leads Using Facebook LIVE

1 > Just Do It

Stop worrying about what people think and trying to create the perfect setting. Pull up your big boy phants and DO IT!

2 > Tell People

Before going LIVE tell your followers in advanced to increase your audience. I email my list, text my clients and create a post on my social media channels. Not everyone will have alerts set up so by telling people your giving people the opportunity to look out for your LIVE broadcast. I also found by telling people I was going LIVE at a particular time I couldn’t talk myself out of it!

3 > People Love People

I am a massive believer people buy from people they know, like and trust. This is a great way to build relationships with people and build yourself up as the expert. Give away your best content. They’ll soon think “if he’s giving that away for free, what else does she know?”

4 > LOVE, WOW and HA HA

Rather than asking people to LIKE your video, tell them to press the LOVE, WOW or HA HA icons. Facebook has said these icons increase your reach more than people pressing the Like buttons.

5 > Put A Link In Your Comments

When I put a link to my website or squeeze page in the description¬† of the video I found it reduced the reached. May be this is because Facebook doesn’t want people to leave Facebook or it is because people were viewing less because they thought I was trying to sell them something. I found by putting the link in the comments and telling people where to find the link it increased the number of leads.

6 > End With A Call To Action

If people are watching all the way to end they have a genuine interest in what you do. Take advantage of this and tell people how they can get more from you by LIKING your Facebook page, joining your email list or downloading your FREE guide. People liked to be told what to do next.

7 > BOOST It For 1 Day

I am not sure if this is down to the Facebook algorithm but I found rather then spending your budget over 3 or even 7 days that it got the most engagements when I boosted the video for just 1 day. I think this might because Facebook wants to LIVE videos to be seen as soon as they have been broadcast so they are really current rather than a week later.

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