If you have ever met me before, follow my daily email or follow me on social media your know I really value a good nights sleep.

I often joke in my next life I would like to be a Lion as they sleep for an average 15-20 hours a day!

I have read many books like the Miracle Morning, Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies To Sleep Your Way To A Better Body, Better Heath and Bigger Success to help maximise getting the best deep sleep possible and take magnesium before bed to help me get a powerful deep sleep.

Personally I am one of those annoying people that puts there head down, as long as I am comfortable even World War 3 wouldn’t disturb me. My wife on the other hand really struggles.

About 4 months ago my pillow had pretty much died. I was waking up with a stiff neck and being grumpy as I was’nt getting my usual solid 8 hours.

I tried to reorder the same one but I could not find it anywhere, even on the world wide web!

That week I started seeing ads on Facebook for this bright yellow mattress.

Being a bit of a Facebook ads geek I appreciate a good advert funnel and I was intrigued so clicked through to check it out.

They looked pretty awesome. It ticked all the boxes in terms of I like to try and support small businesses where possible, there was no middle man and it was designed and manufactured in the UK.

Our mattress was pretty nacked but we have been hanging on in the hope we might buy a house soon and we can get a super king sized bed in our new abode (I told you I like my sleep!).

I also thought it was pretty risky to buying a mattress without even trying it though!

I ended up buying the pillow as I needed a new one and thought it would be a great opportunity to see what the mattress might be like.

At £65 it was not a cheap pillow but I am a sucker for good advertising, clean modern websites and super packaging.

After all if the pillow was good, the mattress must be equally good?

Now if you have read this far your probably wondering how does me buying a Eve pillow and mattress help me with my business Dan?!


Follow Your Potential Customers!

This is where I think there is a massive learning in what Eve did from me visiting there website, buying a pillow, to me ending up buying a mattress 3 months later.

Now the people at Eve are pretty clever.

They know that buying a £600 mattress is quite a big decision, especially when you can’t even try it out before you buy and I would guess that a small percentage of their sales through the website come from 1st time visitors.

They used one of Facebook Ad’s most under used tools (at least this what I think they did it could of been pure fluke!)

They placed a cookie on the their website (Facebook creates this code for you) and placed it all over their website.

This creates an audience of people that are on Facebook that have visited your website in the last 30-180 days.

So rather than target random people on Facebook that might never of heard of you.

You can target people with your ads that have visited your website in the last 30-180 days.

This is MUCH CHEAPER than targeting random people on Facebook.

Now I think Eve used a clever piece of software called AdRoll. (It might be someone else but this is who I have used for my clients in the past) as they also followed me around various other websites and social media platforms.

AdRoll creates a similar code you install on your website but it actually allows you to place ads in front of people on Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads, etc that have visited your website all in one place.

This is why when your looking at those new shoes on Selfridges you really like but don’t purchase it follows you around for weeks on loads of different websites.


You Need To See Something 7-12 Times Before You Buy!

We rarely buy things straight away and quite often compare costs, etc on numerous websites before buying.

On average we need to see something 7-12 times before we make a decision to buy or we feel enough pain to make a purchase.

In my case it was a mixture of both.

As I said earlier in this post our mattress was pretty nacked but we were clinging on to fact we might move and wanted a even bigger bed.

Except we got to the point we had had enough.

The memory foam mattress had dipped so much in the middle we were literally sleeping on top of each other!

Now me and Mrs S-T love a snuggle but this was effecting our sleep.

Every time on of use moved we woke the other up.

Most mornings we would wake up stiff or tired because we weren’t getting any decent deep sleep from being uncomfortable.

So a couple of weeks ago we were struggling to settle and I ended up getting up at 1AM for a drink of water hoping it might help us settle.

I started playing on Facebook and noticed a sponsored post from Eve in my newsfeed.

I had reached my pain point and purchased a king sized mattress there and then!

My guess is they were being specific and targetting people who had visited the website within the last 180 days.

They might of even targetted website visitors who had visited in the last 180 days but were on Facebook during the hours of 12-3AM as they couldn’t sleep.

Which ever it was, within 2 days I had taken delivery of my new Eve mattress and enjoying a good nights sleep again because they had been clever enough to follow me.


Ask For It!

They did something else that not many people ask for enough.

They know that referals are really powerful.

As soon as I bought the pillow within a few hours I had an email inviting me to earn £50 if I shared a link with my friends and my friend would receive £50 off too.

Now I didn’t actually share it the first time as I didn’t want to tell people about my £65 pillow without sleeping on it for a few weeks or so, so that I knew it was worth the price tag.

But I have been so impressed with the pillow and the mattress from Eve that I have been telling everyone about it.


Upsell/Follow Up!

There is a couple of things I think Eve could of done to make me buy even quicker or increase my spend.

Although they did something most of us don’t do enough and offered me a upsell when I bought the pillow.

I never received any follow up emails asking me if I had thought about buying the mattress after buying the pillow.

After buying the mattress I never received any follow up emails asking if I had thought about buying the protection sheet, pillow cases or duvet set that goes with my new mattress.

I wasn’t interested in the upsell on the website at the time as I just wanted my mattress so I could sleep comfortably again.

But Mrs S-T went out and bought new bed sheets and duvet last week so they probably missed out on that sale as they did not follow up.

I also have not recieved any follow up emails since then asking me to review there Facebook page, follow them on social media, etc.

Having recently seen an advert on TV promoting there mattress and that it is now available in Debenhams my guess is they are doing well enough not to worry but we are all leaving money on the table by not following up and not asking for the next sale in your matrix of products.


Are You Doing This?

I would love to know if any of this helps you or are already targetting customers who have visited your website so leave me a comment below.

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    6 replies to "How I Bought A Bed At 1AM!"

    • Nicola

      This is fantastic and reads really well and helps me understand what can be a complicated marketing process. Thank you Dan

      • admin

        Thanks Nicola!

    • Laura Dunn

      Great article Dan! Gotta love a bit of clever targeting 😉

      • admin

        Thanks Laura!

    • Kelly

      It is now pretty clear to me that promoting your website is exactly like marketing a product and working in sales to sell that product. I have never actually made the connection before, but it definitely makes sense. I’ve done quite a lot of sales training during my life, so I guess it’s now time to put it to work.

    • Elli

      YES! You nailed one of Facebook’s best features in advertising. One of the companies I work with does digital marketing and I had the chance to get an inside look at how this works. The cookies are actually called Facebook pixels, which track your visitor’s Facebook profiles and file them into an audience you can utilize to remind them of products or services they’ve recently viewed.

      It’s a bit creepy… but effective! Bonus: If you couple that consistent product/service reminder with a time-sensitive coupon code (“OFFER ENDS TONIGHT!”) as your ad’s call-to-action, it’ll help give a sense of urgency to the undecided. Meowington’s (an online store) does a great job of this in their Facebook advertising! Check out their site if you have the time, too. They implement a lot of cool marketing strategies on their webpage. Might be good inspiration for future posts. 😉

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