You have probably seen ads promising to show you how to get more Facebook likes for your business page has for just a few dollars?

HINT – Don’t do this. You can get your Facebook page deleted and they only add fake accounts or people living in obscure places!

However, you could be sitting on thousands of potential Facebook followers who have Liked your status but have not become a fan of your Facebook business page for future updates.

This is typical when you boost a post using Facebook Ads. You get loads of likes, comments and shares but your not sure what to do with them?

Now you can invite people who have liked your status, photo or video to like your Facebook business page as well.

Simply press to see who has liked, loved, haha’d, wowed, saddened or angry by your status, photo or video and your see a list of people.

Next to this list of people it will tell you if they like your page. If they do not like your page will be a button to invite them to like your page.

It is easier to do this on your laptop or desktop computer. On your mobile it does not seem to work on the Facebook Pages app, however if you go into your normal Facebook app and visit your page from there it seems to work fine.

Watch the video below for a step by step demonstration how to increase your Facebook page likes for free.

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