I have been fascinated with YouTube for years but the videos I was uploading never seem to get that many views.

I had a few videos that hit the 1000+ views which is not bad for a small local business but just like website SEO I knew there must be a way of getting more views and ultimately getting more traffic to my websites.

So in this blog post I will show you how to get more views on YouTube in 14 easy to follow steps. These are the exact steps I used to get more than 100,000+ views on several videos and nearly 1000 subscribers in less than a year without paying for them from cheap websites.

The video below was my first video to get 100,000 views.

Yep, that is right a 10 minute countdown timer!…


You can see from the image above at the time of writing it has had 113,548 views so far and the channel is nearly at 1000 subscribers. Not a huge amount in comparison to millions of views some of the most popular videos get but it has generated a significant amount of traffic for one of my websites.

1 > Research your keywords using Google Keyword Planner

Googles free Keyword planner tool will give you the approximate search volume for each keyword or phrase that people use to find what they are looking for. This was probably my quickest and best breakthrough moment. I was creating videos that not many people were searching for or at least I wasn’t making it easy for people to find my content.

During my research, I was playing around with terms that people might be looking for. Weirdly I found 60,000+ searches were made every month for a ’10 minute timer’ on Google!

I happened to own a piece of workout music that counted down from 10 minutes so it seemed like a good opportunity to test this theory out!

So I paid someone £50 to create me a 10 minute timer that counts backwards synced with my workout music from www.bootcampworkouts.com in the background and this is where this blog post begins.

To be clear 60,000 searches per month were on Google and not on YouTube. But with YouTube now the 2nd largest search engine I bet a large chunk of people are also using YouTube to find what they are looking for.

YouTube videos are actually easier to rank in Google than a website so if you get can your video to no.1 on Google and YouTube your laughing.

Success leaves clues. Research what your customers are searching for.


2 > Say your keyword or phrase in your video

Seems a strange thing to say but YouTube is one clever cookie! It’s algorithms can pick up on what you are saying within the video. Casually mention the keyword or phrase within your video several times. It is just a hunch but if you can say your keyword or phrase at the beginning I think it would work even better. Maybe this is a really small thing but every little helps when your up against millions of other videos.

3 > Upload your video with your keywords in the file name

Another really small thing but all the 1% differences count. Before you upload your video directly to YouTube rather than uploading some random file name. Probably something your computer or phone has generated like 042958249058.mp4 rename the file to your keyword or phrase.

So in the video above as an example I used 10-minute-countdown-timer-with-music.mp4

If your uploading your video directly from iMovie, Windows Movie Maker or even your phone you won’t be able to do this. Save the file to your desktop and rename the file. Then go to YouTube and upload the file directly to YouTube.

4 > Keyword phrase in the title

I think most people know this one but it helps to use the keyword or phrase at the beginning within the title of your video. If your search for something in Google or YouTube I don’t think it is a coincidence that the keyword or phrase is found on page 1 of results.

The temptation is to stuff with as many keywords as you can but I try to get as many phrases as I can within 1 sentence.

So by using 10 Minute Countdown Timer With Workout Music I was able to get several keywords in one sentence.

e.g. 10 minute countdown, 10 minute countdown timer, 10 minute countdown timer with music.

5 > Start your description with your domain and keyword phrase

I am not sure it matters which way round you put them but I always put my domain followed by a hyphen and then the keyword phrase. This also makes it easy for users to find your website if they want more information.

6 > What to write in your description box

There is also a nack of what else you should write in your description box.

Just below your domain and keyword phrase place a transcript of what was said in the video. This was hard to do in the example of the video I am showing you above but it has certainly worked in other videos.

If you don’t have time to do this, there are plenty of people on Fiverr that will transcribe the video for you for just $5.

I would also describe what happens or what the video is about or how it will be of use to the viewer. You probably use more keywords without even realising it.

I then used to put links to my other social media channels but I know place links to other YouTube videos.

I picked up this little golden nugget whilst on Jon Penberthy’s live training weekend. The theory is YouTube wants you to stay on YouTube and not to go elsewhere so it favours videos that link to other YouTube channels or videos.

I currently have 1 link to my website and 3 YouTube links.

7 > What tags should you use?

When I first started I used to go overboard on tags and fill it with as many as possible!

I now aim for 6 – 8 keywords or phrases that are related to the video.

I use 1 tag that is exactly the same for everyone video. That increases the chances of my other videos appearing down the right hand side with the suggested videos when someone is watching one of my videos.

8 > Upload a custom thumbnail

Not a particularly obvious trick but I noticed when looking at my own videos the ones with the most views all had custom thumbnails that I had uploaded rather than using the thumbnail YouTube automatically generates.

I don’t think this nesecarrily ranks your video better it just makes it easier for the viewer to understand what the video is about and thus creates a better click through rate which in turns helps rank your video higher in the search results.

I create my thumbnails using Canva. There are loads of templates you can use for free or for just a few dollars.

9 > Ask everyone to comment, like or dislike your video

Again probably not something you haven’t heard before or isn’t particularly obvious. The more comments, likes or dislikes your video has the more popular it is. The more popular it is the more likely it is to appear in search results.

I also wouldn’t worry about dislikes or negative comments. This actually makes your video look normal just like reviews on websites. If you only have positive thumbs it looks a bit spammy.

I still thanked people for there comments even when they commented my music was awful! It only helps make the video more popular.

Getting comments, likes and dislikes can be quite hard, to begin with. This is where friends and family come in. I literally asked everyone to comment on it and press the like button to get the ball rolling as it then encourages others.

You also need to share your video on other social media platforms. This will help to drive traffic to it to get more views but also help to make it more popular.

Don’t just share it once. You need to share it on a regular basis.

10 > Embed your video on websites you own

If your video is embedded on other peoples websites it signals to YouTube your video must be worth viewing otherwise people wouldn’t be embedding it with there websites or blog posts.

The easiest place to start is with your own website or blog posts.

11 > Don’t pretend to be dead

Just like a website most people put up a YouTube video and then do a couple of the steps above and think that is all they have to do!

You need to go back on a regular basis to update the description, links, etc.

I often notice that every time I go in and tweak a video I seem to get new subscribers to my channel.

My guess is YouTube rewards those who update, tweak the description and interacts with comments on a regular basis.

12 > Buy some links from The Hoth

Your video needs to look popular so the more websites/blogs that link to it the more YouTube will think it is popular.

I have been fans of The Hoth for years and regularly use it for website SEO. The Hoth Boost package is perfect for new videos, whilst the original Hoth package is great for increasing your channel authority.

13 > Track your progress in ProRank Tracker

You have done all the hard work so let ProRank Tracker track your progress for you. I use this tool to track my websites in Google but it also can track YouTube search results. Enter your keywords you want to rank for with your YouTube link to track your progress. You can set up a FREE account with up to 15 keywords.

You can see from the screenshot below I am not even on page 1 yet for the main keyword I am aiming to rank for which is ’10 minute timer’

But I have managed to get to no.1 for the longer keyword terms and to page 1 for my second keyword ’10 minute countdown’

If you going to do all this hard work track your progress to make sure it is working.


14 > Boost it using Google Adwords

It is no secret YouTube Ads are dirt cheap at the moment. You can get views for less than 1p!

I have also found that it is a great way to kick start your video with some immediate views. You can see from the screenshot below I spent £27.51 to kickstart the 10-minute timer video and it generated 2718 views.


Simple right?

That is right, it is as simple as that!

Don’t be tempted with taking short cuts like buying views, subscribers or backlinks from websites like Fiverr. It is just not worth the risk. If YouTube figures out what your doing it will simply delete your channel without notice and your lose all your content and traffic.

Since creating this video there are a few things I would change to make the most of the views I am now getting.

In other videos I have found if you ask people to like your video, leave a comment or subscribe to your channel during or at the end of the video it increases the chances of them interacting with you.

I have also played around with overlays, annotations and cards and this seems to increase interaction too. I think this helps if you put them at the end. You don’t want people leaving your video halfway through or before it ends unless you can help it. YouTube likes videos that keep people to the end.

To be clear I never done this to earn money from the ads but simply to generate more traffic for the website and this was not a overnight success. It took me the best part of a year to get this amount of views.

Did this help?

I would love to know if any of this helps you or what you have found helps get you more views and subscribers so leave me a comment below.

    11 replies to "How To Get More Views On YouTube In 14 Easy To Follow Steps"

    • Nicola

      This is fantastic information and tips that are really easy to implement. I feel that Local business domination does all the hard work and research then explains it in easy terms for me to understand and use within my business.

      Thank you Dan!

      • admin

        Thanks Nicola!

    • Jemma

      Great information which has been very useful!

      Everything is explained in a simple way for me to understand and implement.

      Thank you Dan.

      • admin

        Thanks Jemma!

    • Kelly

      I’ve been using Vimeo instead of Youtube, mainly because I was having formatting issues when uploading to Youtube and I gave up trying to figure out what to do. But, I really want to start using Youtube as I think it has a bigger following. Do you have any idea why the formatting is coming out blurry on Youtube?

      I’m also really interested to read that Youtube picks up on the key words spoken in the actual video. I had no idea about this, so that it super interesting. I definitely have to keep this in mind for future.

      • admin

        Thanks Kelly. Not to sure on why it is coming up blurry on YouTube for you. Are you uploading directly from a phone or from your computer?

    • Elli

      Keywords are gold. As a writer/former journalist who had to evolve her style to align with SEO’s standards, I can attest to your tips. They work, and I know because I use them everyday in blogs and articles I write for my clients! Being seen is all about the right placement of relevant key terms and phrases. After all, you can put together some amazing material, but if no one can find it, you might as well just stuff it in a closet and shut the door. Unless it goes viral through social media, it’ll be just as obscure.

      Videos are great to rank for, too. They’re easier to move up in Google’s rankings because the competition isn’t as thick as written copy (yet?). Video media is on the rise now though… You can tell just by Facebook’s shift toward a heavy embrace of video content.

      Great post! Thanks for sharing.

      • admin

        Thanks Elli!

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    • Matthew

      Very informative post. Being a new youtuber definitely has it’s struggles, but which your post I feel like I have some good ideas to try out to grow my audience. Keeping information I feel like is key as people will be constantly watching your new and old videos so I feel reassured you mentioned this as it definitely will give me the motivation to keep updating!

    • Mandy Allen

      Terrific information, thank you. I especially like the tip about The Hoth! Very helpful and I will let you know how well it goes! Feedback about successes is always great to have, isn’t it!

      Enjoy the journey!


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