If you have read my previous blog post about how to boost your Facebook posts without burning cash or know anything about me your know I am a big fan of Facebook Ads and there are some seriously cool tools that business owners are simply not taking advantage of.

This blog post is all about how to place Facebook ads infront of your email list. This means you can place targetted Facebook ads infront of people that already trust you enough to give you their email address rather than targeting people who might have interest in what you do.

Some of you reading this will have reletively small email lists and some of you will have huge lists. Regardless of how small or big your list is you need to use this tool to get even CHEAPER adverts.

IMPORTANT NOTE – This works better with email addresses you have gained through permission rather than a email list you have bought as you will have a really low match rate.

So how does it work?

Using your email list you can upload it to your Facebook Ads account and Facebook will match your customers with people on Facebook and create an audience from the matches.

If you have a Mailchimp account you can even login and import your email addresses from your account without having to upload / copy and paste any of your email list.

You then place ads infront of your audience and you can still narrow it down with the specifics of location, gender, age, interests, etc.

You just have to have a minimum of 20 people in your audience to be used for ads.

This also allows you target people who may have unsubscribed from your list.


Step 1 – How do I set it up?

Firstly your need to go to your Facebook Ads Manager account.

I use the Facebook Business manager so yours might not look exactly the same as mine but it should look like something similar.

You may need to press the ‘All Tools‘ button underneath Business Manager to get all these options (bottom left).

Click the ‘Audiences‘ option.



Step 2 – Create custom audience

You will then be presented with the following options. Click ‘Create Audience‘ and then choose the ‘Custom Audience‘ option.



Step 3 – Create custom file

You will then be presented with 4 different options. Choose ‘Customer File

(This is usually the Eureka moment when people realise they can create audiences to target people that have visited their website, used their app or the NEW audience feature of people who have engaged with your posts on Facebook! I promise to to blog posts on the rest of these soon!)


Step 4 – Choose how to you want to add customers

You will then have 2 options depending on if your use Mailchimp or want to upload the data manually.

OPTION 1 – If your not a user of Mailchimp, simply press ‘Choose a file or copy and paste data‘ and follow step 5.

OPTION 2 – If you are a user of Mailchimp, simply press ‘Import from Mailchimp‘ and login to your account. Your be given options on which lists you want to import. For obvious reasons I have not screenshot the next step to prevent you seeing my data or Mailchimp login. Once you have done this go to step 6.


You now have a further 2 options.

OPTION 1 – Add a new file. This is where you upload your CSV or TXT file that has your email addresses saved to it. If you use Active Campaign like me, it gives you the option to export your email lists.  The emails will need to be all in the same column. You can use the Identifiers to help you match up the data.

OPTION 2 – Copy and paste. I find this is the easiest method. Simply paste the customer email addresses.

Make sure you name your audience.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Rather than place all your email addresses in one big audience I would create different audiences. One might be buyers/customers that have already bought from you, another might be leads or people downloaded your free giveaway on your website and you might also want an audience of people that have unsubscribed from your list.



Then you sit back and wait while Facebook crunches your data and trys to find matches to Facebook users. You will get a notification telling once it has been completed.


Step 6 – Place an ad infront of your audience.

Now you have created your audience you want to place an advert infront of them right?

Really simple.

When you get to stage when you define who you want to target your Facebook Ads too. Just above options of location, age, gender and languages you should see ‘Custom Audience’ option.

Once you click on the box and start typing you will see the different audience options you have created. The audience I created for this blog post was a list of 1600 business owners. 900 of these business owners use the same email address to login to Facebook which allows me to now place an ad infront of these users.

But you can still be really specific with in my case these 900 users. I can narrow it down by using the location, age, gender, languages, interests, etc if I want to laser specific with this audience.




Did this help?

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