In April 2015 Google announced the importance of websites being mobile friendly and your website would be penalised if it wasn’t.

Since then Google has announced that for the first time mobile searches have over taken the number of desktop/laptop searches on Google.

The bad news is if your website is not mobile friendly it is unlikely to appear in mobile searches on Google.

It’s not quite so simple as just viewing your website on your mobile phone. It has to be compatible with all mobiles and just because it looks OK it doesn’t mean it has passed Googles strict protocol.

First step is to visit the free tool Google provides to test your website. This test will analyse your URL and report if the page has a mobile-friendly design.

It will give you a simple ‘Page is mobile-friendly’.


website page is mobile friendly


Thank god my own website is mobile friendly otherwise it could of been slightly embarrising!


If you fail the test you get ‘Page is not mobile-friendly’ in red letters and the changes you need to make to satisfy the Google gods.


website page is not mobile friendly


I have blurred the website out in the image above so not to highlight who the website owner is but you can see from the test there are 3 issues that mean the website is not mobile friendly.

  • Clickable elements too close together.
  • Viewport not set.
  • Text too small to read.



I can’t stress enough how important this is. If your website is not mobile friendly it won’t be found in Google mobile searches which could mean a 50% (or more) reduction in traffic.

Most new WordPress themes should be mobile friendly. Developers have had long enough to know about it.

If you use the PRO RANK TRACKER tool I recommended it actually allows you to track your keyword on Desktop and Mobile devices.

It even allows you to track your keyword on 6 different devices of iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Windows Phone and Windows Tablet so you can track the difference.

Watch my video below to talk you through to check if your website mobile friendly.


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    • Kelly

      Right, I didn’t realise that if your website isn’t mobile friendly then it won’t show you in searches in google when made on your phone. I’m about 99% sure that I my website it mobile friendly, but now you’ve got me thinking. I will definitely have to double check.

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