This is my bucket list where I list all the things in no particular order I want to do, feel, experience, see and achieve before I die. I will continuously update it as I complete current items and come across new ones.

As you can see my list mainly involves food, travel and adrenaline! Don’t just read my bucket list though – Create your own too!

  1. Go Bobsleighing
  2. See Orangutans in Borneo – Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo 2016
    baby orangutan in borneo
  3. Stay in the Burj Al Arab Hotel (Dubai)
  4. Fly in a Fighter Jet plane
  5. Run a sub 2 hour Half Marathon (Current PB is 2:09)
  6. Eat at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck restaurant
  7. Shark Diving in South Africa
  8. Afternoon Tea at The Ritz
  9. Buy a bottle of Vintage Dom Perignon
  10. Gamble $1000 in Las Vegas On 1 Bet – Bellagio Hotel, 2013
    Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas
  11. Try Kobe Steak – Salthouse Hotel in Ipswich, 2016
    Kobe beef steak
  12. Drive an Aston Martin
  13. Drive a Ferrari
  14. Drive a Lamborghini
  15. Drive a Porsche
  16. Drive a Bugatti Veyron
  17. Drive an Audi R8
  18. Explore the Galapagos Islands
  19. Eat at the Clove Club, Shoreditch
  20. See African Elephants in the wild (The Big 5) – Tsavo East National Park, Kenya 2011
    Elephant family in Tsavo East National Park in Kenya
  21. See African Rhinoceros in the wild (The Big 5)
  22. See The Cape Buffalo in the wild (The Big 5) Tsavo East National Park, Kenya 2011
    Cape Buffalo in Tsavo East National Park in Kenya
  23. See African Lions in the wild (The Big 5) – Tsavo East National Park, Kenya 2011
    Female lion in Tsavo East National Park in Kenya
  24. See African Leopards in the wild (The Big 5)
  25. A Hugo Boss tailored suit
  26. Climb to base camp on Mount Everest in Nepal (Natural 7 Wonders)
  27. See the Northern Lights in Iceland (Natural 7 Wonders)
  28. Helicoptor ride over the Grand Canyon, Colorado, USA (Natural 7 Wonders) – 2013 
    Grand Canyon
  29. Swim in Devils pool at Victoria Falls, Zambia (Natural 7 Wonders)
  30. Visit the Paricutin Volcano, Mexico (Natural 7 Wonders)
  31. Scuba dive at The Great Barrier Reef, Australia (Natural 7 Wonders)
  32. Visit Chichen Itza, Mexico City, Mexico (The NEW 7 Wonders)
  33. Visit The Colosseum, Rome, Italy (The NEW 7 Wonders) Rome, 2015
  34. Trek Machu Picchu, Peru (The NEW 7 Wonders)
  35. Visit Petra, Jordan (The NEW 7 Wonders)
  36. Trek or cycle the Great Wall Of China, Beijing, China (The NEW 7 Wonders)
  37. See Christ Redeemer Rio, Brazil (The NEW 7 Wonders)
  38. Visit the Taj Mahal, India (The NEW 7 Wonders)
  39. Visit the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt (The Original 7 Wonders)
  40. Visit the ruins of the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Bodrum, Turkey (The Original 7 Wonder)
  41. Eat at Tom Kerridge’s  The Hand and Flowers restaurant
  42. Full sleeve Tattoo
  43. Complete my Family Tree going back 5 generations – 2013
  44. Go and Watch the 100m Olympic Final
  45. See a Shooting Star
  46. Explore the Louvre and see The Mona Lisa in Paris, France
  47. See Tigers in the Wild, India
  48. Airport Roulette
  49. Watch the Sun go down over the Beach – Kota Kinabalu, Borneo 2016
    watching sunset in Borneo
  50. Buy an Island!
  51. Learn to Bartend
  52. Have a Huge Shower + Wet Room
  53. Complete  a Zipline – Zip Borneo, 2016 (Next step is the Pronutro Zip line in Sun City, South Africa (World’s Longest + Fastest Zipline)
  54. Pay for a Stranger’s Groceries
  55. Complete the New York City Marathon (Worlds Largest Marathon)
  56. Do a bungy jump off Kawarau Bridge, Auckland, New Zealand (Worlds 1st Bungy Jump)
  57. Stay at Necker Island
  58. Learn to Fly A Plane!
  59. Watch Mountain Gorillas in the wild
  60. Eat at the Ledbury Restaurant, London
  61. Stay at the Thermal Glass Igloos, Finland
  62. Build Dream Home
  63. Be Mortgage Free
  64. Celebrate 50 Years Of Marriage!
  65. Go to watch a World Cup Final
  66. See Penguins in the wild
  67. Spend New Years Eve in Times Square, New York, USA
  68. Spend New Years Eve in Sydney Harbour, Sydney, Australia
  69. Soak in the Natural Spa Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  70. Do Volunteer Work
  71. Do the Cresta Run, Switzerland
  72. Eat at Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives
  73. Own a Tesla Model S Electric Car
  74. 50 Blood Donations = Saving 150 Lives (Currently at 9)
  75. No Alarm Clock – Semi retired at the age of 30 after selling part of my 5 Star Boot Camp business
  76. Own a Super King Size Bed
  77. Publish a No.1 Best Seller On AmazonPublished the Boot Camp Bible Diet in December 2011 going straight to No.1 in Diets & Weight Loss catergory on 
    write a best selling number 1 book on Amazon
  78. Go Wing-Walking
  79. Go To Oktoberfest, Berlin, Germany
  80. Go to a James Bond film Premiere
  81. Learn Sign Language
  82. Complete the GöteborgsVarvet Half Marathon, Sweden (Worlds Largest Half Marathon)
  83. Experience Zero Gravity
  84. Win a Holiday!
  85. Go to watch a Rugby World Cup Final
  86. Fly First Class
  87. Fly Business Class
  88. Go Skydiving in Seville (Biggest Drop in Europe – 15,000)
  89. Donate Food to a Local Food Bank
  90. Spend a night in an Ice Hotel (Sweden, Quebec, Canada Or Finland)
  91. Swim with Turtles
  92. Hire an Executive Box for friends and family at Colchester United
  93. Learn to speak fluent German
  94. Add a Cockapoo Dog to the family
  95. Brand New Kitchen / Diner with great views to the garden
  96. Own a huge Bath with a view
  97. See my Abs again!
  98. Go Deep Sea Fishing and eat the catch
  99. Go to watch a Wimbledon Tennis Final
  100. Take a Balloon Ride over Serengeti, Tanzania
  101. Swim with Dolphins Mexico, 2013
  102. Fly in a Private Jet
  103. Attend the Monaco Grand Prix in style
  104. See Polar Bears in the wild
  105. Create an epic stock market pension portfolio
  106. Create a reoccurring income
  107. Grow a beard – 2016 grow a beard

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