I am a sucker for marketing promotional materials.

So when flicking through a catalogue to see what I could find, I found you could get your logo printed on tennis balls!

Having played my first match last week and suddenly realising I am absolutely useless because I just want to hit everything as hard as I can.

My logic told me having my own balls with my logo on might give me a extra super power that I am missing.

I am pretty certain even with this extra super power I have just gained I will still be terrible!

My next match is tomorrow morning so we will see if it makes a difference…

But here is where it gets interesting and a lesson for you in your pricing.

Without knowing it I bought the same balls last week without my logo from Sports Direct for £1.50 for 3 balls to get me started. As you would expect from Sports Direct they came in some cheap plastic wrapping. I presumed at 50p a ball they couldn’t be that good but for starting out they would do.

I bought the same balls through this promotional company for £28 for 8 balls which included free printing of my logo. But because they came in a posh tin that had the words ‘Tournament Balls’ on the packaging I thought they must be better.

If you include the postage it came to £33. Thats a whopping £4.13 a ball just because I wanted my logo on them.

But a paid a premium because I thought I was getting a better ball.

I could of just used a sharpie and saved myself a fortune!

The wording you use can make all the difference especially to idiots like me that fall hook, line and sinker for it.

One of the best books I have ever bought is Words That Sell. I still use it till this day.

I am off to the Essex Digital Awards tonight. My website is up for best business blog and 2 of my clients are up in other categories.

So if I don’t win anything tonight and I lose at tennis in the morning I will be as grumpy as Andy Murray tomorrow!

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