new facebook business page layout

Have you noticed any changes this morning on your Facebook business page?

Specifically when viewing your page on your laptop or PC? I don’t think it has changed on mobiles or tablets that I can see.

You might want to check it out though as the banner photo at the top appears bigger and if like me you have an arrow pointing to your call to action button it might no longer align.

Other changes include:

> Menu on the left hand side rather than at the top

> Reviews, About, Events, etc have moved to the right hand side.

It makes it look much smarter and cleaner I think. It will be interesting to see if the rest of Facebook rolls out this new look.

Interestingly this leaves a nice big area for future possible pay per click Facebook adverts?

Has this changed for you? Or am I privileged and can see future looks before you? Or did you have this view ages ago and I am behind?!

Go check out my Facebook page and see if it looks like my view below.

You can watch my LIVE Q + A video where I talk about the changes, how to write/layout your flyers and how I am getting on with my standing desk.

Let me know if this has changed for you. I am intrigued to know if this is just me or everyone!

In the video below I talk you through the changes and what they mean for you.

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